Thursday 3.17.11

SWOD: Flexibility testing (variations of tests from

1. Sit and reach: On elevated platform (12” of weight plates) the front edge of the plates will be at the 9” mark. (I will rig this up with a yard stick before Thursday)
· The procedure is that the stacked weight plates will be 9 inches at the level of the feet, so reaching 2 inches past the toes is recorded as 11 inches. Or sitting straight up with hands out would be the 0” mark.

2. Shoulder Flexibility: Start by holding a PVC stick in front of the body with both hands wide apart and palms facing downwards. Lift the stick over the head to behind the back, maintaining the hand grip on the object. Repeat the test, moving hands closer together each time until the movement cannot be completed. Measure distance between hands.

3. Hip Flexibility: The subject sits at the very edge of our highest white box-jump box, then rolls back onto the bench while pulling both knees to the chest. This is to ensure that the lumbar spine is flat on the bench and the pelvis is posteriorly rotated. The subject then holds the opposite hip in maximum flexion with the arms, while the limb to be tested is lowered towards the floor. Measurement is done by measuring the distance of the heel to the floor for each leg.

Metcon: “Grace”
-30 Clean and Jerks or anyway ground to over head. (135/95)

Compare to 10.23.10.

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  1. Grace: 10:17 @ 75 lbs

    That makes 3 times this week!

  2. Erica ( honorary Leprechaun today =))Thursday, March 17, 2011 8:31:00 AM

    Top -o-the-mornin to everyone and Happy St. Patrick's Day! May the luck and love of the Irish fill your homes and hearts today.

  3. Flex Test: 1. 10" 2. 39" 3. 24" and 26"

    GRACE: 7:49@115#

  4. WOD: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10


    GH Sit-Ups

    Hang-Cleans 115/73

    At the top of every 3 minutes run 200m

     Time: 20:15. Trying to get used to this weather, it's like running in fire.

    SWOD: 400m sprint for time. 1:20

  5. Strength WOD:
    - Front Squat: 275x1, 248x3, 220x5
    - Push Press: 245x3, 220x5, 195x7
    - Pull Ups: +70x3, +35x5, Bwtx7

  6. Sit n reach:13.5
    Shoulder flex:22
    Hip Flex: 23.5 R 23.5 L

    Grace: 8:25 @75

  7. Sit in reach: 14.75
    Shoulder flex: 22.5
    Hip flex: right 25 left 26

    Grace: 14:15 15reps of rx'd, 15reps of 75#

  8. Sit and Reach 17.5
    Shoulder Flex 10.5 (and no its not gross...its AWESOME)
    Hip Flex 15 for right and left

    Grace 5:25 65lbs

  9. not even gonna' post my stretching stuff after Kristen...
    "Grace" scaled at 120# 7:14

  10. SWOD: Back Squats- 245#x3x5

    Metcon: 5:04 Rx

    Doing heavy squats before "Grace" wasn't my best strategy.

  11. Sit and Reach: 10
    Shoulder Flex: 34
    Hip Flex: 19 (R) 20 (L)

    "Baby Grace" 2:19 @ 35#

  12. SWOD:
    Sit & Reach 12.5"
    Shoulder Flex 36"
    Hip Flex 19" left 20" right
    Metcon 5:29 @ 55#

  13. Sit & /reach 3"
    Shoulder Flex 38"
    Hip Flex 18.5" left 19.5" right
    Metcon 10:45 95#

  14. 65lbs at 5:30 next time 75lbs with same time?

  15. Sit&reach 17"
    Shoulder flex 20"
    Hip flex left 19.5 right 18"

    Wod 30 split jerk 6:34