Thursday 4.07.11

SWOD: Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5
-in between sets, do Toes to Bar x 5 (challenge yourself to do these strict – no swinging – and at a controlled tempo)

Metcon: 21-15-9:
-Bench Press
-Ring Rows

For the bench press, use 75% of today's 5 RM. To do the ring rows as rx'd, your feet should be elevated on a box at the same height as the rings. 

Post weights and times to comments.  cc


  1. SWOD: 75 lbs

    WOD: 55 lbs 10:16 could not complete ring rows as rx'd and had to shift from box to ground. Going to work on these

    Suffering from lack of confidence and motivation lately

  2. SWOD: 75x5
    Metcon: 10:26 @ 55lbs ring rows with feet on box sometimes

  3. SWOD = 155,185,205,225,235

    METCON = 13:50 at 175 lb bench

  4. SWOD 5RM 160#
    Metcon 10:29 RX'd (120#)

    CFE 8 X 200m 35sec/38sec

  5. Strength WOD:
    - Overhead Squats: 250x1, 225x3
    - Push Press: 255x2, 235x4
    - Pull Ups: +80x2, +45x4

    Had to cut it short this morning to get to work. Working out before 7:00am is rough these days! Strength was not there!

  6. SWOD: 225x5 failed at 230

    Metcon: 10:40 w/ 170

  7. sowd; 167 x5 (w/matt assit on last three)
    metcon: 8:43 @ 110# (65%)

  8. SWOD: 95lb 5rm bench
    Metcon: 7:59 @ 70lbs and not on a box but parrallel as i could get from floor..harder than i've ever done it! Ring rows kicked my butt.

  9. CF Open WOD #3
    AMRAP 5 Min:
    Squat Clean & Jerk @110#
    7 rounds, +1 squat clean

  10. SWOD 135# 5rm bench (failed after 2 at $145#)
    Metcon 12:10 at 101#

  11. Did this workout on Fri night...

    Metcon: 9:53 w/60#; started each set w/ring rows as Rx then modified w/feet on floor directly under rings