Thursday 4.14.11

Alex looking determined to complete the ring row
SWOD:   Clean and Jerk, 1 RM.  Compare your weight to 1.10.11.

Metcon:  AMRAP in 8:00 of:
- 8 Wall Ball Shots (Heaviest ball you can get to the 10' target)
- 8 KB Swings (Heaviest KB you can swing with good form)

For the SWOD, keep the reps low and work up to a new 1rm PR.  This should be a full squat clean and a jerk.  The jerk can be split and push jerk style.  The metcon is short so make sure you up the intensity and move fast through the movements.  Pick the heaviest ball and the heaviest KB you can maintain good form with!

Post weights and rounds to comments. cc


  1. SWOD: 70# 1 RM
    Metcon: 7 rds+8 WB

  2. SWOD: Could not complete, legs were cramping up pretty bad

    METCON: 7 rounds, 20#wb & "old blue"

  3. Strength WOD:
    - Power Clean: 275x1, 225x 3,3,3
    - Supinated Row: 275x4, 250x6, 230x8
    - Bench Press: 315x4, 295x6, 275x8

  4. SWOD: C&J- 1RM = 130lb (PR I think) Cleaned 135, failed at Jerk

    Metcon: 6 rds + 6 KB swings, 20lb ball and 44lb KB

  5. SWOD: i was all kinda tight this am so it wasn't happening. did good warm up and stretching though.

    Metcon: 7rds + 6 kb swings only 10# wall ball but it hit the 10' almost every time =), 35lb KB..too tight to swing 44lb w remotely good form.

  6. Swod: 105# (failed @ 115)
    Metcon: 9 rds + 1 wall ball w/ 14# ball and 35# kb

  7. SWOD: 105#
    Metcon: 5rnds + 8 wall balls +3 kb with 14# ball and 44# kb