Friday 5.20.11

Weightlifting:  (Excerpt taken for "What is Fitness?" Oct. 2002, CrossFit Journal):
 “Weightlifting” as opposed to “weight lifting”, two words, and “weight training” refers to the Olympic sport, which includes the “clean and jerk” and the “snatch.” Olympic weightlifting, as it is often referred to, develops strength (especially in the hips), speed, and power like no other training modality. It is little known that successful weightlifting requires substantial flexibility. Olympic weightlifters are as flexible as any athletes.

The benefits of Olympic weightlifting don’t end with strength, speed, power, and flexibility. The clean and jerk and the snatch both develop coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance and to no small degree. Both of these lifts are as nuanced and challenging as any movement in all of sport. Moderate competency in the Olympic lifts confers added prowess to any sport.

The Olympic lifts are based on the deadlift, clean, squat, and jerk. These movements are the starting point for any serious weight-training program. In fact they should serve as the core of your resistance training throughout your life.

Why the deadlift, clean, squat, and jerk? Because these movements elicit a profound neurodendocrine response. That is, they alter you hormonally and neurologically. The changes that occur through these movements are essential to athletic development. Most of the development that occurs as a result of exercise is systemic and a direct result of hormonal and neurological changes.

Curls, lateral raises, leg extensions, leg curls, flyes and other body building movements have no place in a serious strength and conditioning program primarily because they have a blunted neuroendocrine response. A distinctive feature of these relatively worthless movements is that they have no functional analog in everyday life and they work only one joint at a time. Compare this to the deadlift, clean, squat, and jerk which are functional and multi-joint movements.....

Much of the best weight training material on the Internet is found on “powerlifting” sites. Powerlifting is the sport of three lifts: the bench press, squat, and deadlift. Powerlifting is a superb start to a lifting program followed later by the more dynamic clean and the jerk and finally the “clean & jerk” and the “snatch”. The movements are very demanding and very athletic.

Workout of the Day: "Olympic Total"
Take 3 attempts at a 1RM in the following lifts:
Rest 10 Min. but stay warm
-Clean and Jerk

Once you get to the gym, make sure you get a good sweat going before you start the lifts. Also, start light and work your way up going through the motion of each technique. Remember, stay back on those heels, tight core, active shoulders, and pull your knees out. You can go through as many warm up sets as you need. Now, that you have warmed up you will have 3 chances to reach a new PR (personal record) for each lift. The lifts must be completed in the order. Before you get into the gym know what you previous PR is for each lift so you can get right to warming up.

After your warm up, start with a heavy weight that you know you can lift, around 80-85% of your max. For the second rep, try for a new PR or just under your old one. Make sure that you do not go much higher than you previous PR. If you succeed then add a few more pounds and go for a 3rd and final rep and PR. If you do not get that 2nd weight then drop the weight, higher than your first rep, and make it count! Take the highest weight accomplished and score that for the lift.

Take the max of both of your lifts and add them up. This will be your Olympic Total. Make sure that you record your weight for each lift and your score. cc


  1. PS 105#
    CJ 130#
    Thrusters(for extra credit)

  2. SNATCH: 190

  3. @ CF Kauai
    400m run,3 min jumrope
    15-12-9 pushups/ medballs clean
    WOD: Friday Chipper
    50 yd lunges
    25 pullup
    50 box jumps 20"/25"
    25 doubleunders
    25 ring dips
    25 knee2 elbows
    25 kb swings 44#/62#
    50 Situps
    20 hangsquat clean 15#/45#
    50 superman
    30 wallball 14#/20#
    3 rope climbs
    Jenny 33:00
    Matt 27:47

  4. snatch: 75#
    Clean/jerk: 125# PR!!!

    total: 200

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