Wednesday 5.11.11

Do you see anything wrong with this form?

SWOD: Candlestick to Front Lever 5x Max reps

Metcon: 3 rounds
- 21 Thrusters in 60 sec (105/85)

- 5 Tire Flips

- Rest 45 sec

For this Metcon, keep a running clock. Challenge....Try to complete all the thrusters with out dropping or setting down the weight. You will have 60 sec to complete 21 thrusters - so pace yourself but keep the power in the technique. Try to be as smooth as possible in your transition from the front squat to the press. Using your legs to do most of the work. For the tire flips, make sure you get a nice wide grip. Your Arms should be outside of your legs. Your chest and chin resting against the tire. It is ok to round your back and be up on your toes. Lastly, make sure the power is coming from your hips and you are activating your shoulders at the top of the lift. As you finish, make sure you are following though the weight as you push it over.
Post your comments and times


  1. 14:19. 55 lbs thrusters and tire #2

    I threw my lower back out(I think flipping tires). Need advice on treatment: I took Advil and icing but need to know how often and when to switch to heat. Feels out right above tailbone and difficult to stand upright

  2. 17:25 1@105#,95#,85#
    1xbig tire
    2x2nd to big tire

  3. Metcon: 19:15 1@65# 2@55# w/ the #3 tire.
    * was not feeling it today. Did not have enough rest after last night's wonderful workout :)

  4. 17:20 @ 65# (started w/70#s but dropped after ~7), first 4 tire flips w/#2 tire, rest with #3

    Miserable metcon...

  5. Kelly,

    Make sure that you are icing more the heat. You want to keep the swelling down in the muscles and discs. You should ice until you can't feel the cold. Then let your back naturally warm up and repeat as often as you feel is necessary. Also, keep with the Advil but don't take more than 1600mgs in a day. Once the pain and stiffness subsides, start stretching you hamstrings to alleviate some of the tension in your lower back. Rest and relaxation is going to help it heal too. Take it easy for at least a week and I hope you feel better soon.


  6. metcon: 12:33 @ 95/ flippin' tires 2&3
    candlestick and front level sure sound harmless..

  7. Metcon: 18:18 Warmed up @85#, first set @75#, dropped down to 65#. Tire #3.

    Thrusters are my nemesis. One of many.

  8. I took out my teeth to add to all the rest of your troubles!!!!!
    First round thrusters 65lbs then dropped to 55lbs
    Tire flips were #1 first round then #2
    Did this in 17;34!

    Sorry to hear about your back Kelly hope you can rest it a couple of days and it will be back to normal! Lower backs they suck!

  9. Metcon: 12:40 NOT as rx'd!!
    65# thrusters (not in 60 seconds) and tire flips with #2 and #3 tires

    Greg jinxed me by telling Jenn that I would finish the thrusters before her, ha! The thrusters kicked my butt and Jenn beat me by a minute, good job! :)