Friday 6.03.11

The new food plate icon is designed to replace the USDA's food pyramid as a symbol and guide for healthy eating.
This is the new food group format the USDA came out with yesterday.  There are some things I like about this new format; avoiding over-sized portions....that's about it, so one thing.  But this is not what my plate would look like, especially when trying to optimize health AND performance.  The Feds just can't seem to cut down on the amount of carbs.  Why you need veggies and fruit and grains and dairy at every meal is beyond me.  What do you all think?

SWOD: Weighted Pull Ups 2-2-2-2-2-2-2 reps

Metcon: Seven rounds of:
-35 Double Unders
-1 Snatch

Make one snatch attempt per round.  Do not count missed reps. If you struggle with Double Unders (5 or less), then do 140 Singles.  The goal is to keep your heart rate raised between Snatch attempts.

Post weight for pull ups and time and total of all successful snatches to comments. cc


  1. Home Wod

    SWOD: 145 double unders 6:40 (my rope broke at 145. Iwas going to 150)

    Wod: 5 rounds
    Hand stand holds
    10squats with 35# kettle bell
    Total hold time 2:12

  2. Just another waste of our tax dollars to fund a useless, unused, and downright arrogant program. To believe that one can clump the daily nutritional needs of every human, without first considering height, weight, medical history, gender, lifestyle, etc... is well, stupid. Besides, how many of you used the pyramid in your daily decision on what you would eat, or will use this plate? So put on your seatbelt and helmet, and lets all go to McDonalds in San Fran for a Happy Meal without a toy, then head to our local Representatives house (George Miller if you're in Vacaville), and thank him for guiding us through life.

  3. Since Im still addicted to the site (being broken and all. =[ ) and Craig asked, Ill bite.

    I will agree that it is a much needed improvement over the old pyramid its still far from optimal. Things like basic metabolic rate and caloric expendature need to be considered. Ultimately a person needs to educate theirself on how the body works. There is no point in having carbohydrates and dairy with every meal. More fruit and meat and water I say!

    This is a late step in the right direction but a step none-the-less.

  4. SWOD: 50 lbs p/us x2(7)
    Metcon: 100lbs in 7:09 = 700

  5. SWOD: 7 w/knee red band, 7 w/foot red band
    Metcon: 7:09 @65# = 455

    Chris Goodwin! It's good to hear from you! When are you coming back in?

  6. SWOD:2 reps x 7 rounds strict pullups with no added weight. Stringing them together is a PR!

    Metcon: 16:17? @ 55#+65#+75#+75#+75#+failed+75#= 420

    * I agree with the comment from Dietrich

  7. Swod: strict pullups 1x6
    Metcon: 11:14, that sucked! :(

    If only the food pyramid included bacon, vodka and apple fritters...

  8. Hey Holly! Ill be back as soon as I can. I broke my 5th metatarsal bone in my foot a few months back and have not even been able to walk properly! I've been going nuts not being able to exercise! I'd tentatively say I'm slated for a mid-June comeback. =]

  9. did this one on sat

    SWOD: 15# wieghted kipping pullup. 5# weighted strict pullup

    WOD: 9:59