Saturday 7.2.11

Our great coach Greg, launching a rocket dodge ball at an unlucky target!

From all of us at The Compound, we want to say THANK YOU! For all your hard work, great coaching, motivation, programing, and heart that you have shared with us! We wish you all of the best!

Metcon: "Filthy Fifties"

For time:

-50 Box Jump (24/ 20 inch box)

-50 Jumping Pull Ups

-50 Kettlebell Swings (35/26 lbs)

-50 Steps of Walking Lunges

-50 Knees to Elbows

-50 Push Press (45/ 35 lbs)

-50 Back Extensions

-50 Wall Ball Shots (20 /14 lbs)

-50 Burpees

-50 Double Unders


  1. Greg and Maureen:
    Sorry I couldnt make it today, but I want to wish you guys the best of luck in your new adventure!

  2. Greg and Maureen:
    Good luck in your new endeavors. Although I did not get to work out with either of you very much at all, it is very sad to see important members of our Crossfit family have to leave. Your dedication is an inspiration to all of us.

    P.S. Greg-you probably don't remember, but you helped me get my VERY FIRST double under! Thanks for all you do.......

  3. 23:48 RX

    Good luck Greg and Maureen! We're all going to miss you guys around The Compound!

  4. 22:43 rx'd
    this wod sucks :)
    Greg and Maureen thanks for all your help and we'll miss you guys keep in touch

  5. 33:43 rx (pr)
    Greg and Maureen, you guy's jumped in with both feet when you came to town. Keep it up and Thank's !!

  6. 33:05. Burpees suck.

    Good luck Greg and Maureen! Make sure you come in for a workout when you're in town! It was great knowing you guys. KIT and have a neat summer! (junior high year book anyone?)

  7. 45:55 NOT as rx'd (step ups, single unders)

    Yes, burpees suck! And yes Greg and Maureen you will be missed even tvouch Greg is mean!! ;) Hope 2CU soon!

  8. XOXOXO Brad!

    Thanks everyone for the great party and all the warm wishes. We will miss The Compound and have fond memories of our time here. Thanks!!

  9. Greg and Maureen...Sorry I missed today had to
    make some OT money....Thanks for all your help
    and Good Luck !!

  10. I will definitely miss y'all. It was always fun to workout with you!

    Filthy Fifty time: 42:49. Glad to see others hate burpees too.

  11. WOD: 31:43 Rx'd

    You will be missed Maureen and Greg! Good luck to you and your family!!!

  12. WOD: 24:40 -- beat my time in Dec by 1 sec :)