Thursday 8.18.11

Before lowering the weight, make sure you hit this ending position at the top of each Jerk.  It should look exactly like the ending position for each Shoulder Press, Push Press and Jerk you perform.
SWOD: Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3

Metcon: For time:
-800 m Run
-21 Thrusters (105/ 70#)
-15 Pull-ups

-600m Run
-18 Thrusters (105/ 70#)
-12 Pull-ups

-400 m Run
-15 Thrusters (105/ 70#)
-9 Pull-ups

Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

Post weights and overall times to comments.


  1. SWOD: bench press practice
    Metcon: 3 tire flips, 6 box jumps, 9KB swings: 5rounds
    6:40 1st round 3rd tire, then 2nd tire

  2. SWOD:135,165,185,205,225,
    METCON 28:04 RXD

  3. SWOD: 95,115,125,135,125#sx3

    Metcon: 25:41 incl rests Rx'd

  4. Push Jerk, huh? I felt like a jerk showing up 20 min late. But Holly straightened me out with 20 Burpees and a run to warm up.

    SWOD: 165x2.5 - Failed, 145x3 to complete.

    MetCon: 36:08 w/ rests. Rx'd #, Thin orange band for PU's

  5. SWOD: 185x3

    mtcn: finished 200m run

  6. SWOD: 65, 85, 95, 105, 115 x3

    Metcon: Capped at 20 min finished 400m run + 1 thruster. 70lb thrusters and kipping pull-ups.

    Ugh tough one + hot out = awesome

  7. swod: 95,115,135,140,145
    metcon: 20:10 @85# thrusters

  8. Swod: up to 105x3
    Metcon: two rds in 20:00 w/ 70# thrusters, kipping pull ups

    Still trying to figure our how to be intense...Too tempting to rest, even with programmed rests! And thrusters are super hard!! Good job Brooke!!!

  9. 630PM class...where was everyone!!!