Wednesday 9.28.11

I "don't know" who's feet these are, but he/she is demonstrating a less effective way of jumping
Here's some tips:

1) Get into position. Your hips should be flexed at 30 degrees, knees bent 60 degrees, ankles flexed 25 degrees in order to generate the most power without injuring your knees.  
                - Don't point your knees inward; they should be positioned over the second toe. 
                - Have your arms at your sides. 

2) Push your body up with your legs, springing off the balls of your feet simultaneously.  As you push up your body upward:
             - swing your hands up into the air, towards the ceiling, for additional momentum; 
             - Breathe out when you're doing the motion. 

3) Land on the balls of your feet and "roll" onto your heels. 
             - Before impact, bend your knees -- and then do a partial squat to absorb the shock. 
             - Straighten up from the squatting posture.  

SWOD:  Max Vertical Jump & Max Broad Jump (3 attempts each)

Metcon: 5K for time

Compare to 6.29.11

Post times and distances to comments. cc


  1. Wendy B
    Vertical: 1'1.5"
    Broad jump: 5'9"
    5k: 39:00

  2. 5K: 37:24
    Vert: 1'5 1/2"
    Broad: 6' 4 1/2"

  3. Vert jump 1foot 6 in
    Long 5 feet 9 in

  4. Broad Jump- 7'8"
    Vertical - 10'10"
    5K- 23:41

  5. Vert: 1'5.5"
    Broad: 6'9"
    5k: 24:32 (should have been around 24:20 because I ran past the first turn. Thanks Kim, Molly,and Rizza for yelling my name!)

  6. Dear Running,
    I hate you.

    broad jump: 8 ft 3 in
    box jump: 30 in box w/ 3 45# plates & 10# plate
    or 3ft 7 3/4 in

    5K 25:36.

  7. METCON: 29:09 ....29 seconds slower than last time.