Wednesday 10.26.11

Paul here is the current Double Under leader on the big board.  Whoever beats him has to go triple digits!

SWOD: Pistol practice.  For 10:00 practice the single-leg squat or it's various substitutions.  It may show up in a workout this week.

Metcon: Complete with your best effort:
-Run 1 mile
-Tabata Double Unders
-Run 1 mile

Rest just enough time between the runs and the Double Unders to record you previous effort and begin your Tabata rounds on the next full round. Record your efforts for each section of the metcon separately.

Post times and reps to comments.


  1. SWOD: pistol squats, need more practice on right side
    Metcon: 9:12 first mile(ran with the kid in the stroller) 8:41 second mile (no stroller.thanks holly for offering to watch my grumpy kid!)

    Thanks for running with me, Ryan!

  2. I was the lone ranger once again!
    METCON: 7:40/7:30

  3. swod: pistol squats 4 sets of 3 each leg..last set was toe hold pistol squats ..yikes!!
    metcon: 7:44 / TDU'S hi-36, lo 23 / 8:01
    Nice work Lone Ranger !!

  4. Did this workout at home:

    mile 1 7:52, DU high 25, low 15, mile 8:58