Sunday 11.20.11

I wanted to take this time to update everyone on some equipments and schedule or program changes at The Compound coming up:

We have a new men’s barbell, we had a few barbells go bad for various reasons and wanted to update some.  The new barbell is slightly different than the others, its collars spin well and are great for Olympic Lifting.  I think we may buy more of this bar in all sizes in the future.  As with the other bars, remember so we can keep them longer, do not drop them when they are empty or have metal plates on them.  In fact, dropping the bars even with bumper plates is rarely advised unless it becomes a safety issue and you need to dump the bar to avoid injury.  Any other time, try to guide the bar back to the ground.

We have four new medicine balls (2-20# and 2-14# balls), so we can accommodate more people on Wall Ball.  We’ll get a few more target boards hung up and we’ll be doing “Karen” here shortly, so get ready!

We also have two new 53#, one 62# and one 70# kettlebells, so we can do some more prescribed workouts with those.

We also have a few programs and schedule changes coming up we want to remind you about:

     - Thanksgiving Day- we will be open in the morning only with our Saturday hours, 8AM and 9 AM

     - December 6th, Erica is beginning programming for the Shamrock’N Half Marathon in March. Go to the “Half Marthon” tab on our home page to see that programming if you want to join. You don’t have to absolutely begin the training that day to participate (the general programming is doing most of the actual work needed to complete the marathon, the running program is simply skill development…..and yes, running is a skill).

     - Also, beginning December 6th, the Tuesday 6:30 pm class will be cancelled and replace with an Olympic Weightlifting class. It will remain Tuesday till the rest of the year, and then most likely move to Thursdays at 6:30 when my work schedule changes. The price will be free for members, or just a class for Punch Pass members, or $10/ class for any drop-ins. I will be bringing in guest coaches with Olympic Weightlifting experience, on top of the coaches at The Compound who are USAW certified.

     - A Christmas Party is tentatively being planned for Saturday, December 17th, but Erica will keep you updated on that.

     - We are also planning a nutrition class prior to Christmas, to prepare for a nutrition challenge to begin in the beginning of January, to get us all back into shape from the holidays. More on that to come as well.

     - And lastly, in January Holly will be leading a 3 day a week class called “CompoundLite”. It’s a class designed to introduce people to the Compound’s training style and programming, who may be a little apprehensive of the barbells and weights you guys are throwing around. It can be a little unnerving for first time gym-goers, so we hope to give people another option to reach their fitness goals. The classes will start at 8:45 AM, after most parents have dropped their kids off at school.

Again, more information to come on all these programs, but start to plan now and also see if you have any friends who are interested in any of these.

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