Tuesday 11.22.11

You can't see who this is, but she's doing a good job at staying tight in the bottom of the squat with the crease of the hips below the tops of the knees.  Good job Molly.
SWOD:  30 Strict Chin Ups in as few sets as possible (scale up to weighted or scale down to banded)

Metcon:  For Time:
21-15-9 reps of:
- Hang Power Cleans @ 50% of max power clean
- Floor Wipers with same weight

People have given us feedback and said they wanted more of the Floorwipers, so here you go.  Try to keep the legs as straight as possible throughout the movement.

Post sets and times to comments.


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  2. SWOD: 30 strict chin-ups in 10 sets

    Metcon: 10:00 at 70lbs

  3. SWOD: 4 SETS

    METCON: 7:55 @ 115#

  4. SOWD: 10 sets
    Metcon: 8:18 @ 65lbs

  5. No swod today..played around with cleans/hang cleans
    Metcon: 10:58 @65lbs...floor wipers killed me =)

  6. SWOD: 3 sets
    METCON: 135# @ 9:04 but did T2B, the floor wipers hurt my shoulder

  7. SWOD: 15 sets
    Metcon: 12:43 @ 35#

  8. SWOD: 11 sets
    Metcon: 8:45 @ 75#

    *that was something trying to get the bar above my head for floor wipers.

  9. Swod: kipped 1-2-3 ata time
    Metcon: 10:13 75#

    What Melissa said!!

  10. swod: strict chin ups 7,7,6,5,5
    metcon:6:01 @ 85# rx

  11. SWOD = 7,5,7,7, to failure at 6

    MetCon = 6:18 @95lbs

  12. Swod 5 sets
    Metcon 7:09 at 135

  13. 7 sets weighted 5lbs chin ups
    65lbs at 9:03