Wednesday 11.02.11

36" Box Jump out of the water

SWOD: Box Jump - max height

Metcon: 10 rounds of:
- Dog Sled or Prowler Sled Sprint - 50 feet

The weight on the sleds should be heavy enough to provide some decent resistance during your sprints, but not so heavy that it takes all your power to get the sled moving.   The weight should stay the same for each of the sprints.  Rest as needed between sprints so that each one is an ALL OUT effort. 

Post box height and fastest sled push to comments.


  1. SWOD 39" max box jump....

    Metcon 2x90#, 2x115#, 4x130, 1x145

    15 Punishment Burpees for disobeying Coach E.

    Also pretty sure my Iphone is laying around some-
    where i can get it tomorrow morning.

  2. SWOD: Box jumps..just practiced at 24"
    Metcon: mixed weight x 5, 175lbs x 10

  3. Matt sorry for the no show. Work REALLY got in the way of my training today.

  4. 45" Box Jump

    320# x 2; 270# x 13 Prowler

  5. Where are all the posts from the 930a class? You all did an awesome job today and should post your numbers. =)

  6. No Bx jmp for me

    Back squat 3,3,3,3,3
    Up to 225


    Sled push: 310x8, 360x2, 265x5 (my legs are cooked bread)

  7. 42 " Box Jump

    Prowler Push - 180 x2, 220 x 2, 250 x2, 290 x 4

  8. No box jump for me. Double under practice instead.
    Metcon: 270#