Wednesday 11.16.11

From Doug's post for last night's Deadlifts:  "I was warmed up and feelin' it so tried for 1 rep max@315, GOT IT FINALLY !!!  metcon: 7:29 @205...really warm now..tried for quarterly goal weight 320..shazaam, in the bag!! Thats 6# shy of double my body weight...yeah Im a little excited"   Good Job Doug ! (P.S.  I know this isn't Doug deadlifting, but its the closest picture I could find tonight)
SWOD:  Double Under Practice.  How many can you string together?  Can anyone get triple unders?

Metcon: Complete 2 Rounds:
-100 Double Unders
-75 Wall Ball shots

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  1. SWOD: DU Practice
    WOD: 17:39 10# Ball, 300 singles

  2. Did Mondays Swod/WOD
    OHS 65,85,75,80,90x3s'
    (Still weak at OHS)
    Metcon 17:28 65# GHD Situps

  3. SWOD: 44 double unders (PR)
    Metcon: 17:43 rx w/ 14lb ball

  4. Double under practice: 60 (PR)
    Metcon: 18:25 (DU's and 14# but not rx'd because I didn't "no rep" myself on some of my wall balls)

  5. swod; du practice...58,72PR!,71
    metcon: 19:09 rx

    Nice work Melissa..75 du's !

  6. SWOD: 128 DU, PR and 10# Weighted Muscle-up.

    Metcon: Did a 10 min AMRAP of the WOD with 30# Wall ball. Got 1 round + 100 DU + 5 Wall Balls

  7. SWOD: DU practice 129 PR
    Metcon: 11:18rx

  8. SWOD: double under practice 58, 40, 30, 60
    Metcon: 20+ minutes w/14# wall ball.
    * PR! 75 double unders in a row during the metcon.

    Thanks Doug!!!