Sunday 12.18.11

Steve and his daughters he dressed that morning (I know, i know, I won't be any better)!
Congratulations to Steve Ellingson for receiving the award for Firefighter of the Year at the Vacaville Fire Department.  Great job buddy!  And another great job for not explaining to your wife the reasons for the award.  Here's what I got from Erica:

"I talked to steve and found out that basically to get Firefighter of the year: a person gets nominated. The people that nominate that person have to fill out a questionere about the person such as their duties, work ethic, volunteerism, projects taken on throughout the department, appearence at work etc.... Then there is a commitee that reviews all the candidates and seeks out the most qualified person for the honor of Firefighter of the Year. This year there were alot of people nominated and Steve happened to beat everyone out. Thats pretty much all he told me about it"

So to sum up, Steve did some duties, had some work ethic, volunteered a bit, did some projects, etc.

In all seriousness, we know you work hard and have seen you active in several fundraisers put on by your department and are constantly trying to make Vacaville a better place.  We appreciate your commitment!

And your wife did say you "were just plain Awesome" and we agree.  Congrats!

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  1. Way to go Steve!!! I still think you should push them on the personal parking spot up front.