Wednesday 12.07.11

Kate finally back in the morning routine after switching jobs at work....and freezing temperatures!
SWOD: Take 20 minutes and L-sit/L-hang practice, accumulate 5 min time in your chosen "L" position. Then pick another skill of choice(rope climb,pullup,kipping,etc) to work on for remainder and between Lsit/Lhang rounds
Metcon: On the minute:
- 2 Box Jumps (should be at a challenging height 6-12" above what you normally use)
-  Burpees for the remainder of the minute until either:
     A) you reach 75 reps
     B) 20 min. time cap

Post skill and score of metcon to comments.


  1. SWOD: Threw Sones over the Yolk
    42# 6FT x 5
    93# 4ft x 3
    116# 3ft x 2
    Metcon: 7 Rds

  2. SWOD: L hangs/sits and ring rows
    Metcon: 10:37 with 30inch box

  3. SWOD: L hangs
    Metcon: 13rds, 24in box

  4. SWOD: L hangs
    WOD: 13:24 20" box

  5. Bergener warmup(thinkin' Im gonna do this daily for the warm up cuz it got me loose as a goose two days runnin' and I just like it)
    swod:true L hang 1;45 / knee's up 1:45 full height rope climb x1, 93# stone pick to 38" shelf x3,116# x2 these were done during swod recovery time
    metcon; 7:27 @ 32' box