Wednesday 1.25.12

Nicole and Renee sharing one of their recipes they got from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook.
Pumpkin Muffins and Scrambled Eggs.
Skill: Muscle Up technique practice

Conditioning:   As Many Quality rounds/reps As Possible in 20:00:
- 2 Muscle Ups
- 4 Pistols (each leg)
- 8 Kettlebell Swings (Heaviest Possible)

This is for 20:00, so go for perfect reps over a large number of rounds.  For the Kettlebell Swings, go heavier than you have in the past, even if its for one rep at a time.  BUT ONLY if you can maintain the Hollow Body Position with the KB extended above your head.

Post scores to comments.


  1. SWOD: Worked on hang cleans

    Metcon: 5 rds- 2 pull-ups, 2 ring dips with red band for muscle ups, assisted pistols, 53lb KB

  2. Metcon: 7 rds + 2 HSPU's

    subbed red band strict pull ups/skinny black band assisted dips for muscle ups, HSPU's w/ 1 abmat for 6 rds 2 abmats for last two rds, 53# kb

  3. 10 rounds + 2 mu,3 hspu RX 70#KB

  4. swod: muscle up attempts.. not yet. 5x3 strict pullups
    metcon; 9 rnd's +2 pullups +2 ring dips +2 pistols
    scaled MU's to 2strict pullups/2 ring dips w/small black band

  5. Got my first "L-sit" muscle up

    10rds + 3 hspus: all mus, with 70# kb, one mat for hspu