Sunday 2.26.12

Fun time today at the BBQ!  Half of you tried the first workout of the CrossFit Games Open, the other half braved Team Murph!  (By the way, the workout "Murph" was named after a Navy Seal killed in action, go see the movie Act of Valor to see some of the things our Seals do!)


For those of you who participated in the CrossFit Games Open, I need you to enter your score into the CrossFit Games website so I can validate them!  Simply log in and on your page there is a link to the right that says "Submit workout 12.1 score".  Click that and enter the info they request.  This needs to be done by 5pm today.  If you completed the workout, you can still sign up and join our team, CF Vacaville North.  This needs to be done by 5 pm also.  So get on it all you stragglers!

***Even if you did not score the highest today, you still need to enter your score to continue in the competition!***


The winners were:

3rd place- Doug
2nd place- Shawnee
1st place- Melissa

Congrats to everyone that participated, you all did well and hopefully forged some good eating habits for the future!  When's the next challenge?


  1. Great job everyone !!! That was a hoot !!! 4 more weeks of some energized Saturday mornings.(Not that they werent already) Dont forget to go to your games profile page and log your score so our team ranking will rise. Everyones score counts, we train hard and it showed this morning ! Wahoooey !

  2. Thank you for all the support during the Nutrition Challenge. I know I couldn't have done any of it without the encouragement from the coaches and fellow members. It was definitely a challenge, but now also a lifestyle change :)

    It's been a wonderful two + years at the Compound!! Personally there have been a lot of ups and downs during that time. Through blood, sweat, tears and even broken bones, The Compound family has had my back through huge gains :) I'm so excited to start this year off on a super high note!!! :)