Tuesday 3.27.12

It's official.  Pregnancy = strong.  Brooke PRing her way to a huge Total at 28 weeks pregnant at 5 am.
Jenna came in at 18 weeks and posted some huge numbers later on in the day too!
(I'm just trying to get into the picture)

Strength: Bench Press 5-4-3-2-1.  Go for a 1rm PR if you can!

Conditioning: For Quality for 15:00:
- 3 Handstand Push Ups (your most difficult variation)
- 10 Hollow Rocks
- 10 Hip Extensions
- 10 Air Squats
- 10 Double Unders

OR make up for missing the CrossFit Total yesterday!

Post results to comments.


  1. Hey who's that guy in a hoodie in the compound?

  2. SWOD: Worked up to 130 x1, failed at 135

    Conditioning: 8 rounds? Used box for HSPU

  3. 135,155,185 X1, plus help, 165, 185;
    Metcon: 6 set, plus hollow rocks

  4. SWOD: 155x5, 165x4, 175x3, 185x2, 195x1, 205x1, 210x1

    Metcon: 6 sets, plus 1 handstand pushup

  5. 170# Bench max
    6rds + up to 3 squats (35#squats)

  6. I'm thinking this would make a could "caption contest" photo. Anyone else?

    1. *crickets*................I think its a fantastic idea, Brad! I think you should start! (Don't worry bro, I got your back)

    2. After months of not being in a picture, Craig desided that needed to change. Since he has been turned down by Brooke a million times when asking if she needed a spotter, he finally took matters into his own hands. What did he do? He waits for Brooke to step up to the bar, puts the camera on timer on the desk, slips on his hood, tiptoes behind her, and like a ninja he sneaks into the picture just in time for the shot. He was so excited to be in a picture that he posted it the next day! -The End

    3. That is a really long caption...

  7. SWOD: 75x5, 85x4, 95x3, 100x2, 105x1
    Conditioning: 9rds + 3 (did 65lbs shoulder press instead of handstand push ups)

  8. Bench: 280x1... PR

    Metcon: 9rds + 10 back xtns

  9. Caption: "The Compound has begun their pilot outreach program 'Bum Spotters'. Please let us know how the program is enhancing your Crossfit experience."

  10. Swod: 105 (pr?)
    Metcon: 7 rounds ---> 6 hip ext's

  11. SWOD: 95x5,115x4,125x3,130x2,135PR,145,155
    Metcon: 4 rds,