Tuesday 5.08.12

We are only one month away.  If you are competing (and I hope most of you will because it will be fun), make sure you sign up ASAP so you can garauntee and shirt in your size.  Some may by limited.
Strength:  Power Clean 2-2-2-2-2

Conditioning: For time
5 rounds:
- 10 Toes to Bar
- 10 Power Cleans @ 70-75% of todays heaviest set

We had a lot of pull ups yesterday.  Remember, ripped hands should be treated as an injury because it stops you from training and it really, really hurts......  So protect yourself however possible.

Post weights and times to comments.


  1. SWOD: 35-55-75-75-80

    WOD: 13:12 at 55#

  2. SWOD: 140x2, tried for 145x1 (fail, but SO close!)
    Metcon: 12:5? @ 105

  3. SWOD: 115 x2, 125 x1. Having to change my form too much to go any heavier.

    Metcon: 15:30 @95lbs. 1 rd of T2B then subbed 15 hollow rocks.

  4. 115lb x 2

    WOD - 11:57 @ 90lb with knee 2 elbow(tailbone still hurt too much for toe 2 bar... ouch!)

  5. Swod: 125x2 (pr)
    Metcon: 13:21 @95#

  6. SWOD: 120x2, 130x1..wanted the 130x2 but failed 2x

    Conditioning: 13:00 w/ 5 walks over to yell at my children and defuse chaos..@95# and GHD cuz hands were trashed.

  7. SWOD: 165#X2

    Metcon: 13:09@ 125#