Tuesday 5.29.12

Description of the Muscle Clean by Catalyst Athletics:  The muscle clean removes the pull under the bar while keeping all other mechanics the same—the bar is pulled as it would be in the clean, but the athlete continues lifting it to the rack position without re-bending the knees. Like the muscle snatch, the movement can be helpful as a strength exercise to improve the lifter’s power in the third pull. It can also be helpful to correct crashing of the bar on the shoulders by allowing the athlete to practice racking in a more controlled manner and without the distractions of surrounding movements.

Strength: Clean. Find 1rm

Conditioning: On the minute for 10:00 with 70-75% of today's 1rm:
- 1 Muscle Clean
- 1 Hang Power Clean
- 1 Power Clean
- 1 Clean
- 2-5 Pull Ups (pick # based on ability to finish within the minute)

Post weights and rounds to comments.


  1. SWOD: 125 x1

    Metcon: @95 with 3-5 rimg rows

  2. Strength: 165 PR
    Metcon: 115 w/4 pull ups each

  3. SWOD: 165x1 (PR)
    Metcon: 105 with 5 pullups each round

  4. SWOD: 135x1 PR!!!
    Metcon: @95 w/ 3 pull ups ea.round

  5. Clean and Jerk - 210lbs (PR)

    Bench = 135 and worked up to 245 x 2

    Incline Bench with the "new" incline bench = 135 and worked up to 220 x 2

  6. Swod: Backsquats/Strict presses
    Metcon: 85#, 2 butterfly pull ups

  7. Swod: 115x1
    Metcon: 6 rds @90/2 pu, 3 rds @85/2 pu

  8. SWOD: 130x1 PR
    Metcon: 10:18 (5 rounds row 200, 10KB swings, 15 situps)

  9. 115x3... Couldn't get up to 125 though... I think it is a mental thing.

    WOD- 95lb with 3pull ups each round