Saturday 6.02.12

Melissa and Matt are getting married today!  Congratulations to the both of you!  
Skill: movement review

Conditioning: Partner Workout:
- 25 Pull Ups - each
- 50 Push Ups - each
- 75 Sit Ups - each
- 100 Squats - each
- 1000m Row - each
* Only one partner works at a time while the other holds a 45/25 lbs plate. Break up the work however you want, but all reps of each movement must be done before moving on. If the plate touches the ground at any time, each partner must stop wherever they are and perform a 10 Burpee penalty.

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  1. Metcon: 38:48 with Michelle L and Joyce

  2. Teamed with Amber. 26:28. We beat out a mom and son team, and dad and daughter team and a pregnant couple team. I'm sore

    1. Kicked my butt... I am sore too!