Sunday 8.19.12

Upcoming Events:

There are a few events happening over the next few months, that many from the Compound are participating.  Put these dates on your calender if you're available to support them!

September 8th, 2012
I couldn't find the 2012 advertisement, but you get the idea

CrossFit Solano is hosting Summer Slam 2012, a team competition consisting of 4 team members (2 guys and 2 girls).  Our team will be Craig, TK, Melissa, and Kim.  We chose the team from the top scores from when we competed in the CrossFit Open.

Take a look at CrossFit Solano's webpage for info on the events we will be competing in by clicking HERE.

September 22, 2012-

 Several of us are competing Tough Mudder up in Tahoe.  For those of you who don't know what Tough Mudder is, here is their preview video on their website:

There are many hardcore, mud run events all over the place, they say this is the toughest, so we'll see.
For those of you going up, make sure you find a place to stay quickly.  It sells out pretty fast.  I have a SWAT competition the two days before this, so I will be driving up the morning of the event.

October 13, 2012

Gold's Gym is hosting their 2nd annual The Strongest Competition.  It has weight classes and now a women's division.  I competed in it last year and it was pretty fun.

We are hosting a Strongman class every Saturday at 9 am, in preparation for this event.  The Summer Slam team is also doing this class to prepare for several events at Summer Slam.  Check out HERE for more information on this event.

And of course, if you have any events coming up that you want us to know about, let us know and we'll get out there a support you!  CrossFit events, Kettlebell events, marathons, etc., we want to know!


  1. 5 mile hill run with Mike C.
    Swod : shoulder press w/u to 5 sets by 3 reps at 105. 5 #'s up from last week

  2. Jen, Sandy and I are doing Tri Girl Tri at Lake Berryessa Oct 6.

    Then, Tinkerbell Half Marathon Jan 18, 2013.

    So EXCITED!!!

    1. Alright! we will add that to the list!