Wednesday 8.15.12

A portion of the 5:00 am class decided to not just sprint outside
Skill:  Double Unders.  Accumulate as Many Good Reps/Attempts as Possible in 10:00...focus on quality over speed....NO SINGLE UNDERS

Conditioning:  All out effort:
- Death by 10 meters.

Run 10m the first minute, 20m the second minute, 30m the third minute, and so on until you can no longer complete the required distance in the given time. You must cross the line completely at each 10m run.

Post weights and rounds to comments.


  1. Skill: 59 DU (goal 100)

    Metcon: 16 + 16 on the 17th round

  2. SWOD DL 245x5
    DU Practice 3 in a row (pr)
    Metcon 16rds+12

  3. SWOD: double under practice
    Metcon: 10 rds

  4. 99 dbl unders unbroken (one off PR) (290 total in the ten mins)

    14 rds + 14

  5. Metcon: completed Thursday 15 complete rounds + 11 sprints PR!!