Friday 10.05.12

Dietrich sporting his Barbell For Boobs shirt.  Check out the announcements to the right of this page to see how to sign up and donate!
Strength: Power Cleans 5 x 3 (reset your weights)

Conditioning:  As many rounds as possible in 15:00 of:
- 3 Strict Chin Ups (scale to jumping negatives)
- 6 Toes to Bar
- 9 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95/65#)

Post weights and rounds to comments.


  1. SWOD- 5x3 @ 85lbs
    METCON- no idea, did not keep track focused too much on the pain in my stomach from doing GHD's after not doing them for a veryyy long time

  2. 135# push press
    METCon: rx'd W/ 7rds +chin ups +3 toes to bar

  3. SWOD-5X3 185
    Metcon-6 rds (rings)

  4. 800m sprints at the track. Fastest 3:36 PR!
    SWOD: 100# x5x3
    Metcon: 8rnds +3 chin ups +4 toes to bar @ 75#

  5. SWOD: PC 5x3 @100
    Metcon: 7 rds RX, +3 toes to bar, Chin Pullups (Scaled)