Friday 10.19.12

Here's a video I found from when The Compound first opened up and we did a "Grace Challenge" (AM vs PM classes).  Lots of people have moved away, but still fun to see how far The Compound and its athletes have come along!  

Strength: Power Clean + Overhead Press 5-4-3-2-1.  Work up to weights higher than you will use for "Grace".  Work a Push Press or Jerk or whatever you want to warm up.

Conditioning: "Grace"
For time:
-30 Clean and Jerks (135/ 95#)

Post weights and times to comments.


  1. WOD: 165#
    METCON: GRACE: @ rx'd @4:48

  2. Wow, to look back and see The Compound almost 3 years ago and at about 1200 sq ft to where we are now! Pretty cool!

    1. 1200? I think we were barely in 800 then, what with the tumble tracks and the foam paths in the way

  3. 5:56 rx. 1 minute 5 seconds faster than last time, getting stronger dontcha'know :)

  4. RXD @ 6:34 had to get after it in the garage, good thing I have my AWESOME husband Matt to count for me.