Sunday 11.18.12

Jenna and her partner Darrell at Diablo CrossFit's Deuce's Wild Partner Competition.  Great Job Jenna, you worked hard!
 It was a good competion, I believe there were 77 Rx'ed teams and who knows how many Masters. They were selling some equipment there and I tried to pick up a few mens and womens bars for The Compound.  But my card did not work well with their Ipad swipers and too many attempts put a security hold on my card.  So I called up the bank, explained the issue, and they removed the hold and told me I could use the card.  I went back to buy the bars and their system shut down my card AGAIN!  Moral of the story, I didn't get the bars.  Sorry.


Some important dates coming up to remember:

- Thursday 11/22 - Thanksgiving Day: 8am & 9am classes only.
- Friday 11/23 - Black Friday: 8am & 9am classes only.
- Saturday 11/24 - Regular Sat classes, 8am and 9am

 - Thursday 11/29 - 5:30 pm on there are NO regular classes.  Weightlifting Meet only and those that are coming to support the lifters!

Friday 11/30 - 5:00 (STILL TENTATIVE) - Gym outing to Center Mass Shooting Range.  Sign up at The Compound.  I am waiting to hear back from the Range soon and I will update everyone.

Saturday 12/15 - Compound Christmas Party - Place and time TBD, but in the evening time.  It's also the farewell for TK, who will be leaving us and going back to Florida!

Monday 01/07/13 - Nutrition Challenge!  We want to set a meeting in December, with a follow up meeting on Saturday 01/05/13, to get all the rules and standards for the challenge explained.  We will update the date and time as we get closer.   


  1. Is that Darrell Taylor in the video with Jenna?

  2. I think that's his name. Someone said he was on Road Rules or something like that?