Thursday 11.15.12

Emily modeling her arm after Double Unders......before throwing her  sweatshirt on for protection.
How do you explain this one to your co- workers?
Strength: Front Squat 3x5 (add 5# from last time)
                Floor Press 3x5 (add 1-5# from last time)

Conditioning: As many rounds possible in 8:00:
- 15 Push Jerk
- 15 Burpees

Choose a weight that allows you to keep moving the entire 8 min.  Remember Push Jerks, not presses.  Double knee bend on every rep!

Post weights and rounds to comments.


  1. Emily fell off the Empire State Building, the crowd gasped in horror as she plummeted to the streets of New York. Suddenly, The Amazing Spider Man swings into the scene. After a witty comment, he wraps Emily in a slightly uncomfortable yet safe web of protection. Her decent slows, and she is saved at the last second.

    Thank You Spider Man, Thank You.

    Sorry I just rented Spider Man. I wish a radio-active spider would hurry into Vacaville and bite me.

  2. Front Squat 100# 3X5
    Floor Press 75# 3X5


  3. Snatch: 115#
    Clean & Jerk: 165# (almost had 175#)