Sunday 12.23.12

With the Holiday Season here, a lot of you struggle getting into the gym.  It's understandable with the busy time of year, travelling, family coming in, gyms closed, etc.  So here's some "Travel Workouts" that you can use when you are away from the gym.  A reminder, the holiday schedule is:

- Monday, December 24th: Closed for Christmas Eve

- Tuesday, December 25th: Closed for Christmas

- Wednesday, December 26th: 5, 8, and 9 AM classes only (5 am class was added back in)

- Monday, December 31st: 5, 8, and 9 AM classes only (5 am class was added back in)

- Tuesday, January 1st: Closed for New Years

This Travel Workout list was created by one of the original "Nasty Girls" from the Original CrossFit, Eva T.  I figured she already did the work and shared it with the world, why should I reinvent the wheel?  And for those who haven't seen "Nasty Girls", it's only a name for the workout.  Feel free to watch it here:

One of these girls is a CrossFit Games Competitor, one is a director for CrossFit HQ and Eva T is a hall of fame skier and famous strength and conditioning coach.  Not a bad group of ladies.

Anyways, I have added a tab to the top of the website called "Travel WODs".  There are plenty of ideas for workouts and you'll never run out of ideas with this list.  I've used many of the workouts in hotel rooms for myself and a lot of them that look easy.....well you guys know.

Enjoy the list and enjoy your holidays.  We hope to see you around during them, but we will definitely see you after!

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