Wednesday 1.16.13

Amanda showing her food prep: organic spring salad, organic cherry tomatoes, beets, broccoli, mushrooms, avocado, hard boiled egg w/ chai and sunflower seeds. Smashed pumpkin w/ whipped coconut milk, vanilla cinnamon & honey. 

Strength:  Back squat 5-5-5-3-3-3

WOD:  Reps of 12-9-6
- Overhead Squat
- Front Squat
- Jerk (push, split, behind the neck)

Choose a heavier weight than you normally would and break the reps into as many sets as you need

Post weights and times to comments.


Fat The Most Important Macronutrient?

Did you know?  That although it's gained some steam lately under the "Paleo Diet" name, this optimal lifestyle of eating has been around for a long time, and in the modern time for over 40 years.  A polish doctor named it  "The Optimal Diet" (the same thing as the CrossFit's prescription of eating/ or Paleo, or Primal or Caveman) 40 years ago.  Click the link above to read a little more about it. (Note:  i think his Carb prescription is much to low for normal/ active CrossFitters, but he is talking about diabetic, extremely overweight and coach potatoes at the beginning).


  1. SWOD: 145 x5, 175 x3

    Metcon: Brain not working... did it all wrong :)

  2. SWOD-35,55,75,85,105,115
    METCON-9:20, 25#OHS, 55# FS and jerk

  3. SWOD: 160x5, 200x3
    WOD: 7:47 @ 95lbs

  4. Swod: 135x3 (ran out of time)
    Metcon: 8:35 @ 65#

  5. SWOD:170x3
    Metcon:13:26 Rx @85