Thursday 2.21.13

Mark your calenders.  On Saturday, March 2nd (the Saturday before the CrossFit Games Open starts) we will be holding a quick Q&A meeting about what The CrossFit Games Open is AND why everyone should do it!  We will show you how to properly judge movements so we can judge each other.
We will be completing the "Hope for Kenya" that day, which is a fundraiser CrossFit is running to build schools and bring fresh water to villages in Kenya.  It is a great project and everyone is invited to come, invite a friend, and PLEASE donate at least $10 at the door!  

Skill: Ring Dips 3x max reps

WOD: Stone Shoulder or Tire Flip Ladder (Pick one)
- Complete 1 rep on the first minute, 2 on the second minute, etc...

Post reps to comments.


  1. bar dips: w/blk band 3x5
    strict 3x3

    ring dips: 3x3 1x5
    tire flips with Tire 3 ; 9rnds +6

  2. Skill: Ring dips 3x5, then 6w/blk bnd
    Metcon: 6rnds 7&7 wall ball to burpee
    9complete rnds tire flip w/#4, then no mas! ;)

  3. Ring dips: banded x6
    Stone to Shoulder: 43# for 6 complete rounds +6

  4. Skill ring dips 6x1 pr! 5x2
    Metcon: 9 rnds completed + 3 flips :) PR by two rounds!!