Saturday 3.09.13

Future CrossFitter studying the movements.

Skill: Workout review

WOD:  Teams of 2.  10 Rounds for time
One parter sprints the following:
- 100m Sprint
- 10 Push Presses (75/ 45#)
Second partner sprints the following:
- 100m Sprint
- 10 KB Swings  (same KB for the team of two)

*Rest 30 sec. between rounds, then switch exercises with your partner.

*While your partner is completing his portion of the round, you must hang from the pull up structure using any grip you'd like.  During the rest, no one needs to hang from the bars

Post scores to comments.


  1. Foley and I kicked butt! 29:35 44# Kb, last 5 rounds 35#kb for EE. Awesome workout with an even more awesomer partner =)

  2. 8 rounds + James made it thru 9

  3. Completed the workout with the hubby: 29:50.