Sunday 3.10.13

If you did not complete your "After" photos for the Nutrition Competition, then we will extend picture taking till Monday.  That is absolutely the last chance so get it done!

Here is our CrossFit Games Team.  Thank you everyone that signed up.  If you did the workout and you still want to join the team, you have till 5pm today to do it!

Amber, Brad, Brooke, Chanda, Charlotte, Erica, Holly, Kayla, Kevin H., Riz, and Ryan S., still need to enter their scores.  Get that done by 5pm today or your scores will not be counted for any of the workouts left in the Open.

The Open is fun and pushes you farther than you think.  This week, I've seen people get Snatches at heavier weight than they thought they could.  Instead of scaling, they worked hard at 75#, 100#, 135# or 165# and got one or two more reps than they believed they would.  That is awesome!

A few of us did workout 13.1 twice.  I "took it easy"  one day after work just to see what the workout would feel like.  I did the workout, went home and went to bed and felt fine.  I did the workout again a day or two later.  I got only 5 reps more, but I was destroyed.  Others completed it twice because they failed at Snatches that they knew they could get.  Others just saw other people doing well, became even more competitive, and gave themselves a goal to do better.

Whatever reason, you had for doing it twice, if it paid off for you then great!  If it didn't, then now you know that instead you will hit workouts 13.2 to 13.5 as hard as you can the first time.  Then you can relax and be done knowing you did your best.  That's what I plan on doing from here on out.  I learn after the first workout every year that doing one of these workouts once is enough for me!

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  1. Did 13;1 twice in an effort to improve tiebreaker and get that elusive but possible 135# snatch.I did drop 14 seconds off but failed at the snatch which would have been a 12 pound pr. I need to remember what got me to this point in my fitness journey is training/playing smart. My form went to hell in a handbasket during the last two attempts yesterday and was not focused like Oly practice/class. Today my back is tight had to stretch for 1/2 hour this morning to get things straight. So moving forward in The Open is focus,focus,focus and quit F'ing around.I am going to be out of the box next week with people I dont know for 13:2 so doing what I know and am capable of first and give that extra when the time is right. Competition breeds sucess and PR's but lets not forget techniques that we have been taught. Cant wait to get back to a regular Oly schedule and work my way up to that 135# snatch, dontcha'know :)