Sunday 3.24.13

Another busy night.  Another short post:

CrossFit Games Open Athletes....Enter your numbers before 5pm today!  We've already lost 4 people one our team!!

Here's an article I read this week.  Very Bodybuilding - esque, but you can use the same principles in CrossFit:

Set a PR Every Day


"Second, we need to clearly define "Personal Record" in a more useful, yet still specific way. A PR is defined simply as a "more than before." Using the standard metrics of progress – volume, density, and intensity (either absolute resistance or percentage of max) – we can see several ways to define a new PR.

"Don't be stingy in what you call a PR. If you did 5 reps on your first set instead of 4 reps the previous week, you still PR'd, regardless of what you do after the first set. Having redefined PR in a way that's far more useful, we have the second key element to your new training program."

To read the full article click HERE

I like to use this principle of setting as many PR's as I can throughout my training week.  It keeps me motivated and helps me realize there is more to fitness than simply my heaviest lift or my fastest WOD time.

Take Workout 13.3.  I only improved 3 reps from last year (when it was called 12.4).  ONLY 3 REPS.  After an entire year of hard training.  That's certainly one way I could look at it and possibly be disappointed.

Or I can look at it this way......But, I made 4 PR's in that one 12:00 minute workout!!  First, I PR'ed on "Karen" (150 Wall Balls for time).  Second, I completed a PR for max Double Unders in a row.  Third, I completed more double reps of Muscle Ups than I ever had in a workout.  And finally, I PR'ed the workout by 3 reps.

One way is more positive and will always keep me coming back to the gym.

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