Tuesday 3.19.13

Nutrition Challenge winners are posted on the Compound's Facebook Nutrition Page.
Congrats to the winners.  Join the group if you want to see the winners!

Skill: Double Unders....Accumulate x number of Double Unders in as few sets as possible:
- x200 Advanced
- x100 Intermediate
- x50 or prac. Skill Beginner

WOD: For Time
- 150 Push Ups*
*Every Time you break Sprint 40 Yards

Post reps and times to comments.


  1. SWOD: x60 - 10double unders with singles inbetween each
    WOD: 9:11

  2. Skill: 40 max DU's (9+ sets)
    Metcon: 14:52 hand release push ups (27 breaks)

  3. 200 DU's (3 Sets to get to 200!) 1st set 123 PR
    Metcon: 16:11