Saturday 4.20.13

Good luck to Jenna tomorrow at CrossFit 916's Elk Grove Grinder! Trapeze pull-ups, sandbag burpee presses, reverse tire drags....just a few of the fun things on the schedule. Competition is from 9am to 4pm if you're able to stop by to cheer her on. 9090 Union Park Way #118 in Elk Grove.

Skill:  movement review

WOD:  Partner Workout:
- 800m Run with Kettlebell/ Dumbbell (beginners ~44/ 26# - intermediate ~53/ 35#)
- 100 Power Cleans (beginners 85/55# - intermdiate (135/ 85#)
- 100 Burpees over the bar
- 100 Kettlebell Swings - Russian (same KB/ DB)
- 800m Run w/ KB/ DB

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