Sunday 5.26.13

We are super proud of Jenna and her accomplishments in making it to Regionals and currently sitting in 25th place.  Tomorrow is the last day of her competition

We are quickly approaching the end of the CrossFit Games season.  Soon all the will be left will be the top That's the top 0.002% of the fittest athletes at the CrossFit Games in July  (after 120,000 competed in the Open).

So now that our season here in Northern California is over, what do we do with all this fitness?  Luckily Northern California is full of local competitions that you can use to build team camaraderie, meet other gyms in the community, and improve your own fitness.

One upcoming event I know of will be Lalannne Fitness Summer Throwdown in San Francisco, registration opens this coming Saturday and will probably fill up within a day:

We will keep you informed with any events we hear of and of course, if you have any events you would like to attend, let us know.

Another event coming up involving one of our members is the 32nd Modesto Highland Games & Gathering of the Clans on Saturday June 1, 2013.  Micah Davidson will be competing in this invitation-only event.  Micah threw with me in C-Class at the Woodland Games and has now been invited to compete in B-Class at the Modesto Games.  

Micah and his brother founded the Iron Thistle Highlanders, a group for Scottish Heavy Athletes based out of Vacaville.  Go to their page HERE to join and show support as these guys move up in the sport (you don't have to be Scottish to join the group).

They have been working on their skills for about a year and a half and have all the implements necessary to compete in the sport.   I joined their group and The Compound is sponsoring them and adding Strength and Conditioning to their game.  Since starting at the Compound at the beginning of the month, Micah has set a new personal records in Light Weight for Distance, Open Stone, and angle on his Caber so far.  Not bad if you add the beat down he is getting at the Compound at 5am classes!

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