Sunday 9.22.13

Busy this week, so this post will be short:

We've been busy as a gym as well.  PR's in Weightlifting class, CrossFit and Highland Games competitions, and our Rowing team has rowed approx. 300K collectively in its first week of the Fall Team Challenge!

Here are some other things coming up in the gym:


This clinic will include instruction in pull-up mechanics, kipping, and will provide individual plans to achieve unassisted pull-ups . Click HERE to register under "Clinics", or email

Thursday, September 19 @ 9:30 am
COST: Member FREE, Non-Member $10

This clinic will teach proper rowing technique, how to correct common errors, and how to use the features of the Concept 2 Rower to reach peak performance faster. Includes several mini-workouts.

September 25, 5-7 PM
COST: Member $5, Non-Member $10

This clinic is designed for intermediate rowers, or those that have completed the basic rowing clinic. Review the elements of the stroke, and learn how to use the watts, calories, and pace calculators to increase the intensity of your workouts. Includes several interval, and mini-workouts focusing on stroke rate and split times.

September 25, 7-8 PM
COST: Member $5, Non-member $10
To register, click HERE and go to the "Clinics' tab. Or, contact


- The Dixon Scottish Cultural Association's 2013 Highland Games
This will take place at the Dixon Mayfair.  Micah will be competing and its right in our backyard so get out and support him!

Saturday, September 28th


- Barbells for Boobs
Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit organization that provides funding to pay for breast cancer detection services as a last resort for thousands of people who don't qualify for assistance elsewhere.

Saturday, October 19th

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