Thursday 9.19.13

For Tuesday's Double Unders, who could have used these?

WOD:  Tabata Mashup

- Hang Power Cleans (115/75#)
- Burpees over the bar

*For the WOD, you will alternate :20 of all-out Cleans, :10 rest, :20 of all-out Burpees, and :10 of rest. Repeat that 8 times. Your score is the total number of cleans and Burpees completed.

Skill:  Dips x 50 reps, as few sets as possible, hardest variation (box, banded, rings, bar, weighted, etc)
Broad Jumps 3 x 5 for total distance (jump once, land in power position, immediately jump again for 5 jumps total)

*Complete both skills in any order, alternating between sets.

Post reps and distances to comments.

1 comment:

  1. Wod: 85
    Dips: started with strict, moved to band assisted
    Broad jumps x 5: 34'