Sunday 10.13.13

Invite a friend to Barbells for Boobs!

Barbells for Boobs is this coming Saturday at The Compound, when we host the Fundraiser.  Info for the event is to the right of this page in pink under "Announcements".  We want as many of you to invite as many people who you can to participate, donate, or support our efforts.  But I understand that many people might be scared to come try it, because they do not know what to expect.  Where's the smoothie bar?  Where's the Smith Machine?  Where's the TV over the treadmill?

CrossFit is EVERYWHERE these days.  You can watch the CrossFit Games on ESPN. Last night I saw a commercial with CrossFit and Reebok. It’s showing up in magazines everywhere and has a huge presence online.

But, unfortunately, that also means many more CrossFit "haters" and "naysayers".  If you do an internet search, the comments are split between those who can't stand CrossFit and those who are way too hardcore.  Those two groups are the loudest "voices" (on the internet/ Facebook), where they can be tough without fear of repercussion.  Luckily, the non vocal majority out there are not like that, especially at The Compound and those who don't CrossFit, but know those from The Compound.

The only way to really know if someone will like CrossFit at The Compound, is to invite them to come in and try it out.  And what better time than during a fundraiser for charity.  That way, if they don't enjoy it, then what's there to lose in doing a short 5 to 10 minute workout for a good cause?

*Saturday, October 19, 2013*
*Doors open at 8 am, heats begin at 8:30 am*

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