Wednesday 1.29.14

My hotel gym after defensive tactics training.  Not much to work with, but a WOD of strict presses with the heaviest available dumbbells and strict pull ups worked out pretty good.
Strength: Power Snatch. Heavy single

WOD: CF Open 12.2
AMRAP in 10:00:
- 30 Snatches (75/45#)
- 30 Snatches (135/75#)
- 30 Snatches (165/ 100#)
- as many Snatches possible (210/ 120#)

*Snatches can be full, muscle, power, or split, or something else really cool that hasn't been invented yet
**partner up and judge each other.


Paleo done right naturally helps with inflammation......Just FYI (Primal and Zone too....I'm sure there are others as well)

Article:  Heart surgeon declares on what really causes heart illness

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