Thursday 1.30.14

The Compound is hosting a free screening of "MURPH: The Protector" on Friday, January 31 from 7-9PM!
Click HERE for info

Skill:  Banded Sprints. 5x 30 yards.
WOD:  for 15 minutes:
- 1 minute of Air Squats
- 2 minutes of Double Unders
- 3 minutes of Hip Extensions
- 4 minutes of Box Jumps (games style)
- 5 minutes of Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Post weights and reps to comments


LA, Jenna, Rick, and Alisha will be in Chico this Saturday for a fun partner competition.  Go support them if you can!

Check it out here: CrossFit Chico’s Heartbreaker Partner Competition


  1. I hope the rest of my classes have even numbers cuz im gassed from doing those banded sprints with Emily! awesome job to the 5 amers, Greg, Dan, and Em =)

  2. Ha! I hope your morning came out wit even numbers. You are right, those banded sprints are a workout!!