Monday 2.24.14

An example of a video submission.  The first 3 min is the important part of this video.  
Note:  if you are doing a video submission, no one else but the judge can be in your video
Should we do Wall Balls, we will have the same type of target here, where all you have to do is get above the mark.

Skill:  Double Under Practice.  Spend 15:00 working on Double Unders or Triple Unders.  Go for max reps if you're ready

WOD: 4 rounds for time:
- 400m Run
- 25 Wall Ball (20/ 14 to 10')

Post reps and times to comments.


Sometimes the "knees out" cue in squatting gets misconstrued.  If your knees collapse in, the "knees out" cue may help you.  If you already keep the knees out, then getting the knees further out does not help.  That's where I like the cue "spread the floor with your feet" or similar:

Video: Offline, Episode 4: The "Knees Out" Cue

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