Sunday 2.23.14


This week, the CrossFit Open finally begins again.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a 5-week competition, each week consisting of one workout that tests various areas of fitness and skill. At the end of the 5-weeks, the top 43 in each region make it to Regionals. Regionals is a 3-day competition that tests your fitness even more, and by the end, the top 3 of each region gets to go to the CrossFit Games.  The same goes for teams as well.

In the CrossFit Open, the top 3 men and women scores for each workout contribute to the team's scores. The athlete's scores we use can change depending on the workout and who performs better for the team.

The workouts will be unknown until the Thursday of each week at 5 pm.  CrossFit HQ will post the workout and the rules at the CrossFit Games website.  This is the same website you enter your scores and there will be a worldwide leaderboard  updated each week with everyone's scores.  You will have till Monday at 5 pm each week to complete the workout and enter the score, so I can validate it.

We have three options for you to come in and complete the Open workouts each week:

1)     It will be the Friday WOD that everybody in the gym does.  Everyone will judge each other on the movements, regardless if we are signed up to compete or not.  This will help everyone understand if their movements are proper in terms of range of motion.

2)     It will also be programmed at the Saturday 9 am class time.  So if you want to get the easy workouts Jenna programs on Saturdays, come to the 8 am class.  The 9 am class time will be  for the Open workout.

3)     If neither of these times workout, you will have till Monday at 5 pm to get with a coach and complete the workout with a judge and enter your score.

***  Important notes:

- Each person who thinks their scores will contribute towards the team to make it to Regionals or plans/hopes to go to Regionals as an individual needs to have their workouts judged by a person who has completed the CrossFit Judges Course.  This same certification is required if you plan to volunteer at Regionals/The Games.

- Athletes going to Regionals as a Team or Individual also need their workouts video recorded.   Talk to Jenna or Holly about your desire to be recorded and judged by a certified Judge and we will get you taken care of.  There are certain requirements involved:

  • athlete/ judge/ weights and timer need to stay in view the entire time
  • athlete must state name and show proper weights/ heights for any workout involved.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the Athlete to ensure the timely and successful submission of their workout each week. Submissions that are incomplete (missing scores, name of Affiliate, name of Judge or containing video links which do not work, etc.), will not be accepted.
There are many other rules, all small, but important to remember.  Here is a link to the Rulebook.  It would be a shame for you to miss out on Regionals because you forgot to video something so simple and your submission is invalidated.

The Open is fun.  It can be a bit overwhelming, you may feel some anxiety prior to a workout.  You may be thinking I have not trained enough to do this.  But you will never know how well you can do until you try.  Finishing dead last is better than not trying at all.

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