Thursday 2.13.14

Skill:  For 20:00:
- Jump Rope 2 min on/ 1 min off (Double Under IF you can keep up with it - just move continuously for the 2 min.)

WOD:  AMRAP in 5:00:
- Kettlebell Snatch (35/ 26#)

*The KB can not touch the ground for the duration and you only get one hand switch.  Try to find a comfortable position to rest in.
**5 Burpee penalty for any time the KB touches the ground or more than one hand switch.

Rest 2:00

Then, 3 round for Quality:
- 10 American Swings
- 10 Power Swings
- 10 Russian Swings

*Use the same KB or go up in weight one size

Post reps to comments.


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