Sunday 3.30.14

Ed finishing the final WOD of the 2014 CrossFit Open.  

The Open is coming to a close this year (get your workouts done and your scores submitted before 5 pm on Monday).  Now, the rest of us get to sit back and see everyone else work their butts off at Regionals in the coming months and the CrossFit Games in July.

But, what does that mean for the rest of us?  Well, we're going to continue to work hard and make gains, for many other regions (competition isn't the only reason we work out in spite of every other post you see on Facebook or Instagram!)

The Open is over, and if you're like me, you probably gave yourself some goals along the way.  If you didn't, well you should try.  Goals are a great way to remain motivated.  They don't have to be stated goals, announced to the world via your YouTube Channel.  And they don't have to be large goals.  And they can certainly change.

I gave myself a goal this year for The Open.  I had no delusions of making it to regionals, based on my training in the previous year.  Rather, I gave myself the goal to finish in the top 10% of the Nor Cal Region.  After 14.4, I thought about amending that goal, since I seemed to be scooting closer to the top 7%.  However, after 14.5 was announced, I decided I was happy with my top 10%.  Now I just need to wait for Monday evening to see if I will achieve my goal.

Now that I'm done with The Open, my training and goals will change, but I will still be doing CrossFit.   However, my goals are going to be a little more focused towards my Highland Games training, competitions which begin next week.

You may notice the gym programming change a little bit too.  Some of you have noticed that our programming leading up to and during The Open was a little sparse on the strength training.  This was for a reason.  Looking at The Open workouts, the workouts involved very little heavy weight and more traditional low weight conditioning workouts.  We knew this going into the Open based on past years.

Moving forward we want to work a little more on moving large loads quickly.  That is one of the original definitions of CrossFit that many people forget.  It is not only about having a large CrossFit Total, or an amazing Power Clean.  It is about moving large loads, quickly, for long distances, and then repeating those movements by recovering quickly.  This is fitness.  This is what allows me to meet my real life goals, The reason I started doing CrossFit years ago, that do not include many goals in the weight room.  Most of my fitness goals are so I can do the following:

  • Chase after suspects and take them into custody with minimal effort.  Thanks to CrossFit I've achieved that, but I can get better.
  •  Play with and exercise with my dogs for long periods of time.  Thanks to CrossFit I've achieved that, but I can get better
  • Get attacked by my four kids the moment I get home from a long work day or from an intense workout and still be able to keep up with them.  Thanks to CrossFit I've achieved that, but will have to continue working out hard as they get older!

We have all the tools, the coaching, the opportunities for you guys to meet your goals in and out of the gym.  CrossFit classes, Boot Camp, Open Gym, Olympic-style weightlifting, beginners classes, the list goes on.  If you have any questions or concerns or need help with your fitness goals, hit me up at

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