Tuesday 4.01.14

Skill:  Stretch out as needed

WOD:  For Time:

15k Sprint!!

OK......April Fool's Day, how about this instead:

Strength: Back Squat 5-5-3-3

WOD:  Complete 5 rounds for time:
- 16 Barbell Walking Lunges @ 40% of today's heaviest Squat (8 each side)
- 16 Push Ups
- 50 yard Shuttle Run (25 yd out, 25 yd back) – 1 rep

*Barbell walking lunge is done by placing a bar on your back and lunging out until your back knee touches the ground, step through into the next lunge. Avoid a “wedding step” in between lunge reps.
*Make sure to take a long enough stride to where your front knee is parallel with your big toe.

Post weights and times to comments.

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