Wednesday 4.02.14

Open Gym at 7 pm is cancelled tonight for the Addaday Clinic at 7pm at The Compound.  
It's free, so make time for it!
This free clinic brought to us by Fleet Feet Sports, Vacaville and Addaday will show us how we can increase our mobility and improve our workouts by reducing muscular tension, soft tissue and joint restrictions, and adhesions. 

Skill:  Ring Dips 3 x max reps (bar or box
- Warm up to a heavy Power Clean in between sets

WOD:  AMRAP in 12:00:
- 5 Power Cleans (185/ 115#)
- 10 Air Squats
- 10 Jump Touches – 12-18″

*For jump touches, set a mark 24″ above your highest reach. Mark that point and count a rep every time you touch the mark.

Post reps and times to comments.

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