Sunday 4.06.14

Competition:   It's fun, rewarding, scary, frustrating, hard-work, annoying, eye-opening, etc.  Some people excel at it, others don't.  Just like taking a test, some do well, while some of the smartest people I know struggle with the pressure.

I competed yesterday and in the first 4 events, I literally over thought everything I had trained, and as a result hit numbers WELL below what I was capable of.  It wasn't till I got into the later events that I finally settled down and hit a couple PRs.  It was great to successfully flip a log in front of my kids (they still think I'm pretty cool).   However, I learned a lot with those failures, more so than the PRs I made, and will be able to do better next time and in training because of them.

Why compete?  For me, I hate being so bad at something and have to work to make that weakness a strength.  In The CrossFit Open, I realized how bad I am at Chest to Bar Pull Ups.  Guess what I'm going to be doing more of any pull up workout I can?  When I was in the Police Academy, I was absolutely horrible at shooting.  Really bad.  Almost fail out of academy bad.  I worked like crazy to get good enough to make it on to our SWAT Team and regularly compete with my teammates (HORSE is a great game to play at the gun range we found).  And now, as strong as I have been able to become over my years of lifting, Highland Games Competitions have taught me that I am really bad at doing anything with the weight, I have no coordination, and all the years in the weight room has been a waste.....perfect, I'm going to work on that!

Our Compound Weighlifting Club is working on their 4th cycle right now.  They have done a spectacular job at improving their form, building up a stronger base of strength, and learning how to move weight properly.  Now it's time to compete!

A Compound Weightlifting Competition:

When:  Friday, April 25th

Time:  5:00 PM (4:30 pm for warm up)

What:  In a weightlifting competition, participants compete in the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.  Each participant gets 3 attempts to at each lift to get their biggest lift of the day.  That's it.  You lift once, then wait your turn for the next lift, and so on untill everyone has completed their 3 lifts in both categories.  This the total of both lifts in calculated and the winner is he or she with the biggest Total.  Sometimes you PR, sometimes it's just not your day.

Who:  Anyone can compete. CWC members, Compound members, anyone from any other gym that might be around, etc.  At the very least, come out and cheer them on.  There will be no evening classes after the 4:00 pm class anyway.

Cost:  Free for CWC members.  $15.00 for non-CWC members.

HERE is the event we created on Facebook:

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