Wednesday 6.18.14

Former Olympic Wrestler Buddy Lee showing how he warms up.  
Is your Warm Up fast enough?

Skill: For reps:
- Tabata Double Under
Rest 1:00, then:
- 2:40 (tabata work time minus the rest period) of practicing running in place with the Jump Rope

WOD: Death By Wall Ball + 2 Burpee Buy In

Perform 1 Wall Ball the 1st minute, 2 Wall Ball the 2nd minute, 3 Wall Ball the 3rd minute and so on until you cannot complete the required reps within the minute.

*At the top of each and every minute do 2 burpees before starting your ball. Focus on landing flat footed, toes forward and in the athletic position throughout your burpees.


  1. Skill: Tabata score 16
    WOD: 15 rds + 2 burpees + 12 wall ball